A Crown for Cold Silver

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And best of all, the sellsword Maroto. The setting is mostly non-Western, the Star is filled with Chinese, Mongolian and Indian analogs, while the Crimson Empire represents a more European setting, with its battle between the Church and the Crown.

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Another cool detail is the cultural obsession with smoking. Zosia is portrayed as an expert pipemaker, who presented each of her villains with a beautiful, handcarved pipe. A couple subplots revolve around the pipes as well. This vivid attention to detail slows the story to a crawl, however. And that is my biggest complaint about A Crown for Cold Silver. I struggled mightily to get into the novel, bogged down for several weeks trying to sort through the characters and follow the developing plot. The text opened up eventually, and once the cast of characters were all assembled the action moved quickly.


I was too invested in the intriguing characters and unusual worldbuilding. And I still want to find out who Alex Marshall really is. Buy A Crown for Cold Silver. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Relentless Reading. Skip to content. Masterworks Fantasy Masterworks Author Recommendations. Ji-hyeon, whose father was one of the Five Villains and, inspired by the folk songs and stories, has taken up the mantel of Cold Cobalt to lead her own rebellion in the Immaculate Isles.

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New Releases. Queen Zosia When there were no more titles to win and no more worlds to conquer, the warrior queen Zosia faked her demise and gave up her legend to history. But when violence finds its way to her door years later, she must round up her adventuring companions - each surprised to see her alive - and set out for revenge. Time has not been kind to her old comrades, and some have only their own goals in mind.

A Crown for Cold Silver

Not only that, but there's a young, beautiful and skilled general out there, gathering soldiers to her banner for a war against the deadliest of enemies. The girl is using a legend she did not earn, and calling herself by a name that was never hers - that of Zosia herself. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Crimson Empire: v. Review Text A Crown for Cold Silver drags epic fantasy through the mud - but it does so with wit, wonder and wisdom. NPR show more.

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Instantly believable. Zosia and her Five Villains are as fun as they are twisted. When was the last time you read one of those? Marshall deftly sets up and subverts expectations at every turn. A Crown For Cold Silver's world is a joy to fall into