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Last edited by SparkNorkx ; 3 Jul, am. The bounty drops with the distance. Catalack View Profile View Posts. I just accept the bounty and ignore them.

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To much stat boosts from the wildlife, to not do so. They can be useful to get freestuff sometimes from merchants without incurring your own bounty, agro one and get in between. The lieutenants also drop the best arrows, so making them miss, and farming them for arrows is useful. Really funny when you stop and realize that the rewards for upseting the jade forest are usally better than just leaving them be.

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The only real negative is that you can get a bounty, but having high enough charisma usually offsets it enough. Easy arrows that are stronger than iron, the animals give either levels or drop a stat up that basically is another free level. And nice as it compensates for low growth rates at times and with some creative work, can use them to get loot drops from merchants. Oppai View Profile View Posts. I get chased by jade forest after kill 1 animal once..

No bounty shall be authorized to be paid under this Act on any power alcohol unless it has been manufactured from the following products grown in Australia:— Cassava, sweet potatoes, arrowroot or such other cultivated starch-bearing plants as the Minister approves.

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Limitation of amount of bounty. Proof of good quality and of compliance with the Act to be furnished.

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Condition of payment of bounty. Every claimant for bounty under this Act shall supply with his claim a certificate showing— a the material from which the power alcohol was produced; b the name of each supplier of that material; and c the quantity of that material purchased from, and the price paid therefor to, each supplier.

Price of materials used in production. Accounts to be kept. A claimant for bounty under this Act shall keep proper and separate books of account showing in detail— a the quantity and kind of materials purchased by him from each supplier for use in the manufacture of power alcohol; b the amount paid to each supplier; c the name and address of each supplier; and d such other particulars as the Minister from time to time requires.

Conditions of employment and rates of wages. If the Minister finds that the rates of wages and conditions of employment or any of them— a are below the rates and conditions declared, as in the first sub-section of this section mentioned, to be fair and reasonable; or b are below the standard rates and conditions of employment prescribed by the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, or the determination of any State industrial authority, the Minister may withhold the whole or any part of the bounty payable.

Offences against Act.

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No person shall— a obtain any bounty which is not payable; b obtain payment of the bounty by means of any false or misleading statement; or c present to any officer doing duty in relation to this Act or the Regulations, any document, or make to any such officer any statement, which is false in any particular. Penalty: One hundred pounds or imprisonment for twelve months. Email me when my comment gets approved. Post Comment. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

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