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Aspen is located in the middle of the Colorado Rockies along Highway It only takes about hours to reach Aspen on a weekend road trip from Denver, which is a reasonable amount of time. Its accessibility probably adds to its popularity. Aspen was once a mining town and does have a fair amount of history. Several of the brick buildings in the town are remnants from this more rustic era and these do give the town a certain ambiance. Increasingly, the more historical parts of the city are being replaced by new urban development and ultra-premium condos.

Many Rocky Mountain ski resorts have a reputation for hosting wild parties and Aspen may have the greatest of them. In the winter, Aspen is full of the rich and famous, regardless if they can actually ski or not, which makes the town feel like a Hollywood of sorts in the mountains.

Alcohol and cocaine are consumed in excess. For those who like to party lavishly, Aspen may be the best place in Colorado for you.


Regardless of its hedonistic offerings, there are still plenty of outdoor opportunities in Aspen and the mountains here are justifiably amazing. The skiing is world class, of course, and there is plenty more hiking in the summer. It is also home to the most photographed place in the state, Maroon Lake.

Book Your Aspen Lodge Here. Grand Junction is the largest city in Eastern Colorado and is visually very distinct from the rest of the state. Soaring mountains become replaced by grand mesas and the trees give way to endless fields of red rock.

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We are entering the desert now people. If you are on a weekend road trip from Denver, Glenwood Springs makes for a good rest stop. Glenwood Springs is famous for the eponymous hot springs as well as the very popular Hanging Lake. Once you depart from Glenwood Springs, the landscape begins to change.

As we travel further east, the Rocky Mountains begin to recede and the Colorado Plateau begins to rise ahead. For desert dwellers, this area is one of the best places in Colorado. With towering rock walls, elegant stone pillars, and that blazingly red rock that has become indicative to the American Southwest, the Colorado National Monument is a must see. The towns themselves are somewhat less inspiring but do have their merits. Both are famous for their art scenes Fruita, in particular and, interestingly enough, their wine.

Be sure to also explore the Grand Mesa outside of Grand Junction. The Grand Mesa is the largest flat-top mountain in the world and has lots of outdoor activities.


There are a few scenic byways along the top of the mesa that provide excellent views as well as access to lots campgrounds and trails. There are several long distance bike trails and river rafting routes that start in Grand Junction. You could bike all the way to Utah or even start a Colorado River rafting adventure from here. Book Your Grand Junction Lodge source. Telluride is one of the most legendary mountain towns in Colorado. Telluride also has some of the best skiing, greatest festivals, and best hiking in all of Colorado.

The San Juan Mountains surround Telluride. They are among the most rugged and beautiful mountains in Colorado, especially in the autumn when the aspens begin to change colors. Driving along Highway 62 and over the Dallas Divide will grant you amazing views of the range though you may need 4-wheel drive for this one. Hikers can also explore this part of the San Juans via several trails. Telluride is tucked away in a valley south of the Sneffels Range. It is an immensely beautiful town that acts a perfect base for skiers and hikers. It is also one of the best places to visit in Colorado in summer because of the frequent festivals it hosts, most well-known being the Telluride Film Festival.

Be sure to make a day trip to Ouray via the gorgeous San Juan Skyway. Ouray is very similar to Telluride but with hot springs. There is a very scenic train that connects Silverton with Durango as well and this is actually used as a means to access several trails in the area. Book Your Silverton Lodge Here.

Just when you thought you saw everything in Colorado, somewhere else pops onto your radar! Those who want to see some more unique places in Colorado, away from the tourist trail and untouched by mass development, ought to consider the following locations. One of the greatest wilderness experiences in the USA, featuring some of the most rugged and beautiful mountains in Colorado.

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Chicago Basin is perhaps the best place to visit in the Weminuche as it has several lakes and three relatively simple 14ers. The 7-day Weminuche Loop is the best way to experience this area. Very important archeological site in the far northwestern part of Colorado. Features a significant amount of fossil remains as well as petroglyphs.

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  • There are several picturesque canyons and gorges around as well. Similar to Mesa Verde National Park i.

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    Larger, quieter, and more remote than Mesa Verde. Lower Pueblo and The Great Kiva are excellent places to visit in this area. John Flickr. Visiting any one of them is among the best things to do in Colorado — winter or summer. One of the most visited national parks in the entire USA. A relatively small section of the greater Rocky Mountain Range that offers quintessential alpine scenery. Located in a remote section of the central-Colorado Rockies. Not as large or as deep as some other canyons in the USA but certainly one of the most sheer and dramatic.

    Home to the highest sand dunes in the USA. The nearby Sagres de Cristo Range has lots of excellent hiking trails as well. A relatively remote national park located in the far southwestern corner of the state. Setup to preserve some of the most significant native Puebloan archaeology in the country.

    Features relics, petroglyphs, and rock-cut homes. Americans have a weird affinity to the strange landmarks that are usually found out in the middle of nowhere. The roadside attractions in Colorado have become so admired that many people go on a trip just see them! Below is a list of some of the most interesting roadside attractions in Colorado. Colorado has some of the craziest and most beautiful roads in the USA!

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    Below is a list of some of the best scenic drives in Colorado. Consider renting an off-road-capable vehicle to fully enjoy these remote roads and to go on the ultimate Colorado road trip route! Arguably the most scenic drive in Colorado, and maybe even the entire USA for that matter.