Leveraging: A Political, Economic and Societal Framework

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The global AIDS response has shown that at the core of health lie considerations of social justice, human rights, and accountability. As momentum builds for a Framework Convention on Global Health FCGH , we believe there is an opportunity to take stock of lessons learned from the response to HIV and ensure that they are replicated and institutionalized in an eventual Convention. We argue that the most critical aspect to the success of the HIV response has been the leadership and activism of civil society.

Limit, Leverage, and Compete: A New Strategy on China

Conventions do not lead to results on their own, and there should be every expectation that the FCGH will be no different. Success requires active monitoring of progress and shortcomings, combined with political and social mobilization to expand investment and access to the services and underlying conditions that protect and advance health.

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While the FCGH must make civil society support and engagement an indispensable principle, the AIDS movement can contribute substantive content and mobilization for its adoption. By now, the concept and terminology of leverage are applied in various spheres of life — to refer to aspects of physical, financial, and even intellectual and emotional processes.

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As a frame of reference, it seems reasonable to distinguish three versions of leverage that play very important roles in American society and indeed human affairs throughout the world: financial or investment leverage, bargaining leverage, and resource leverage. These three versions of leveraging all involve using a minimal effort to create a maximum effect with the use of some mechanism or tool.

China and the Concept of "Leverage" - CPA

Interestingly, they are deployed in various societal spheres, in the economy, politics, international relations, and even family and community life. Why Leverage Attempts are Proliferating Not only are these three types of leverage — of investments, bargaining, and resource allocations — found in all societal sectors, they are arguably more frequently and deliberately deployed now than they were thirty or sixty or ninety years ago. The rise of the Internet itself is one of the reasons, because information power, unlike industrial power, creates manifold leveraging possibilities.

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Send one email and reach a million people is a prototypical leveraging possibility. In addition, the end of Cold War and the rise of modern family complexities have created many new leveraging possibilities, because older structures of authority have dissolved, leaving behind many players maneuvering in relation to one another.

A Political, Economic and Societal Framework

To get things done, whether in international affairs or in kin networks, people have to use targeted resources to move other players in directions they want. In short, when individuals, organizations, and governments cannot rely on clear lines of authority, they look for new ways to leverage resources and relationships to achieve their ends.

Investors borrowed too much to attempt overly risky financial bets, and when they could not repay their debts, a chain reaction of investment and real-world financial catastrophes ensued, affecting even people and institutions that were not over-leveraged. Too much leverage, clearly, can be a bad thing. Understanding of the leveraging mean could help modern individuals, groups, and institutions see when and where various amounts of leverage deployed in investments, bargains, and efforts to expand resources are likely to lead to constructive — or deleterious — outcomes for the various parties involved.

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Leveraging HIV-related human rights achievements through a Framework Convention on Global Health.

Johns Hopkins University. Financial leverage refers to the sorts of investment processes that set the stage for the financial crisis of and , in which individuals or financial institutions borrow funds to make investments they hope will lead to very large returns well beyond the repayments they will owe in due course. Wall Street operations and high finance throughout the world use leveraged investments all the time.