Newton’s Method and Dynamical Systems

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Newton’s Method and Dynamical Systems | H.-O. Peitgen | Springer

The configuration space and the phase space of the dynamical system 3 both are Euclidean spaces, i. Typical constraints look like scalar equations of the form.

Constraints of the form 5 are called holonomic and scleronomic. Each such constraint reduces by one the number of degrees of freedom of the Newtonian dynamical system 3.

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Their usage is typical for the Lagrangian mechanics. The velocity vector of the constrained Newtonian dynamical system is expressed in terms of the partial derivatives of the vector-function 7 :.

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Sometimes they are denoted with the use of a separate symbol. The components of the metric tensor of this induced metric are given by the formula. The formula 12 is derived by substituting 8 into 4 and taking into account For a constrained Newtonian dynamical system the constraints described by the equations 6 are usually implemented by some mechanical framework.

It is called the normal force. Mechanical systems with constraints are usually described by Lagrange equations :.

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    Newton's method and symmetry for semilinear elliptic pde on the cube

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