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Om boka. Ta kontakt med Kundesenteret. Avbryt Send e-post. Facebook for Seniors QuickSteps Carole Matthews Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Step-by-Step, Full-Color Graphics! Start using Facebook right away-the QuickSteps way. Les mer. I supply stock images for Getty and routinely upload iphone images that are accepted and sold I'll be trading up to the 11 pro.

I'm not being snobbish, but I don't measure quality according to sensor size. And, for the record, "stock sales" have to conform to many technical guidelines. All modern cameras are "point and shoot" products, regardless of the sensor size, lens, etc All I'm saying is that an iphone is absolutely capable of producing professional, saleable images. And for me, I'm percent certain that I'm going to have that phone on me whether I have another camera or not. It works for what i do Strictly speaking "telephoto" refers to the lens construction, not to the focal length.

It was just that at one stage virtually all long focal length lenses used a telephoto design in order to have a shorter lens. Over time, long focal length lenses started to be referred to as telephoto independent of whether a telephoto design was used or not. Anybody versed in photography knows what telephoto means. Apple using telephoto to describe a 52mm equiv lens is purely misleading and false advertising.

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How important an improvement is it that the 52mm "telephoto" lens goes from a f2. A faster lens is always good of course but with small sensors like these is it going to be noticeable? I guarantee it's gonna have a great camera installed on it! The fakeh looks a bit confusing: hard to determine which part of the face is closer and which farther They haven't perfected it, yet I haven't shot with these new models yet, obviously. But the XR results are about the same as these when using Apple's in-camera jpeg processing.

And the XR's quality improves dramatically when shooting RAW, and I assume that will be true with these new models as well. If only Apple allowed RAW shooting in their Camera app they could take and present so much better images. At least it's obvious that Apple isn't taking photos with a professional camera and presenting them as product samples, as some other companies have been known to do. There is no way these photos came from a good camera. Clearly the problem with these photos is a massive amount of smoothing! It's like phone companies think that grain is horribly unacceptable, but detail is unimportant.

Honestly, i kind of understand that mentality because they're not coming from a classical photography position. Phone photos almost never get printed. They rarely make their way off the phone, and when they do, it's to social media where they'll likely be viewed no larger than x Smooth vibrant color is likely by far the priority. So why confuse their core with this abstract RAW thing that will devour their limited unexpandable storage But I think it should be available buried in a menu somewhere where those specifically seeking it could find. With teeny weeny sensors like these, 12MP should mark the resolution ceiling.

Should a 52mm equivalent lens be called "Telephoto"? IMO it is rather a standard lens. Or it is a telephoto because the physical length of the lens is shorter than the focal length? It's a telephoto because with the unsurpassed iphone image quality, practically you have unlimited cropping options. Nobody does it better than iphone, believe me, it's true! The physical length cannot be shorter than the focal length unless you're using mirrors to fold the light path like a cassegrain telescope.

None of the lenses they talk about actually have the focal lengths they specify. All of the numbers are 35mm equivalents.


The actually focal length is probably mm. Not true. Just as a retrofocus wide angle has an optical center BEHIND the last element, you indeed can have an effective optical center outside the physical. Consider a high power spotting scope as an example. Never had an iPhone. The usability gap between phone cameras and classic digital cameras is starting to be similar to that of the latter and film cameras. But for telephoto shoots digital cameras will be better perhaps forever.

Panasonic GH-6 Pro? Its for Influencers to bolster their self-image when they ask for free stuff in exchange for Influencing-Pro.

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For Apple, it's yet another silly way to pump that "special" feeling to justify the obscene prices, and melt the brains of the intended buyers very easily. What is "Pro" about the phone? The telephone features of the pro models are the exact same as the non-pro models. Ahhh marketing buzz. The panorama mode on my iPhone 6S is good enough - I don't see the point of a dedicated wide lens.

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But the telephoto sounds tempting. For me, it's the other way around.

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The Samsung ultrawide, however, has fantastic IQ. And that perspective is truly awesome! True, I don't know what the quality is. But I have seen decent phone tele bird photos online, so it can work well in right circumstances. Fortunately the glass protectors are easy to clean. I've gotten in the habit of wiping my phone camera lens before any picture. How would said anti-smudge filter fare when in trouser pockets rubbing against material all day, day in day out? For how long?

Exposure Compensation For Taking Beautifully-Lit Photos The Easy Way

Try wiping it for 8hrs every day and with pocket material not a lens cloth and see what happens after a year or two. A project for you.


In all fairness to durability though, i think most, if not all, top-end phones use Corning Gorilla Glass. Very tough and scratch- resistant probably very high borosilicate content. Or will this be a firmware update? I dunno, man. The wide angle on this phone reminds me of how much I was looking forward to the Nikon DL mm that never came out. I think that would have been a cool focal range.

I have the Canon on my M50, but I think the Nikon would have been special. Having these three focal ranges on a phone this powerful is pretty cool, but most non photographers will not know how good they have it. It also shows that Nikon took a wise decision to pull the camera. Modern phones are so capable today that they make cameras like the DL obsolete. No way!