The Equations of Love

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The Relationship Equation - Numberphile

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A mathematical formula reveals the secret to lasting relationships

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The Equations of Love

Limit 5. Sarah Jessica Parker. It is the people who divide opinion who fair better on these sites in terms of popularity, because fewer people are in competition for their affections.

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Therefore, you should always play up your differences! Obviously, this is not a fool proof method!

Strangely though, there are actually fish species that follow this exact method. Finally, 3 how to avoid divorce.

Psychologist, John Gottman, recorded hundreds of couples talking, their facial expressions, skin conductivity, heart rate, etc. The final outcome relied on how positive or negative the person was being during the conversation. Interestingly, these equations can also perfectly demonstrate what happens between two countries in an arms race… The study found that couples that allowed each other room to complain and compromise actually scored better. Never go to sleep angry! What about our senses? As well as looks, we are all attracted via our ears and nose too, as research has found that a voice and smell are just as important to us.

The review looked at 30 years of research.

Equations of Love – A Short Scientist

A voice can reveal more than age and gender, it can also detail dominance, cooperativeness, emotional state and even body size ; the same goes for smell. Unlike other animals that smell pheromones, humans use an olfactory system to detect the smells we are attracted to.

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  • Researchers found a gene linked to sexual attraction was also one involved in the immune system. There are so many scientific factors that influence our decisions subliminally.

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