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Every year, several languages around the world disappear, just like species of birds and animals. Ladino is slated to join them.

Maale language

What is Ladino? Where is it from? Why is it important? And why is it ignored by the Jewish world? Ladino, also referred to as Judeo-Spanish, Spanyolit, Judezmo, Hakitia and various other terms, began its life in when the Jews were expelled from Spain.

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That is not true. When the , to , Jews left Spain, they took with them their languages. They took Hebrew, the language of prayer and study. Like Yiddish, it was not used at home or in the streets. The language of daily use was Castilian Spanish as it was spoken in the late 15th century. Cut off from the influence of the Spanish of Spain, which also changed through the centuries and was modernized, Ladino maintained its 15th century roots, and also changed, but in a different way.

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Its changes were influenced by the many countries and cultures in which Spanish Jews settled. Ladino borrowed from Greek, Turkish and French. Yiddish developed into a distinct language, not simply a dialect of German, though remaining a Germanic language. Ladino also meets the criteria of a distinct language, and is not merely a dialect of Spanish. Like Yiddish, Ladino was heavily influenced by Hebrew, which remained the language of study and prayer.

With the Ladino-speaking Jews having settled so widely, Ladino gradually developed two dialects.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that Ladino began to be written using the Latin alphabet, like most European languages. At one time, an estimated 80 percent of Diaspora Jews were Ladino-speaking.

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In countries hike the United States, Jewish life has been dominated by Ashkenazis with a Yiddish background, often to the detriment of those speaking Ladino. Mere remnants remain, thought to be somewhere between , and , Ladino speakers, most of whom are not fluent, though a study suggested that only , Ladino-speakers exist, not one speaking only Ladino.

This is not exactly true, even though there are similarities. The question is whether Ladino will become extinct. The reality is that most Ladino-speakers are over 50 years of age, and many of them according to studies do not speak it well. Rude Fishing T-Shirts including to the the maale language, it was.

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