This Kind of War: The Classic Military History of the Korean War (50th Anniversary Edition)

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United Nations. After detecting a strong KPA armoured force equipped with T tanks and SU self-propelled guns on a thickly wooded ridgeline astride the line of advance, the Australians launched a series of company attacks with American M4 Sherman tanks and aircraft in support. Despite heavy resistance the KPA were forced to withdraw and the Australians captured their objectives after three hours of fighting. After two hours of fighting the assault was repulsed, and the KPA subsequently launched a furious assault against A Company 3 RAR on the northern position, which also failed amid heavy losses.

The following day the Australians advanced to the high ground overlooking Chongju, killing and capturing a number of KPA in skirmishes. That afternoon the town itself was cleared by the remaining elements of the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade without opposition. KPA casualties during the fighting were heavy, while Australian losses included their commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Green , who was wounded in the stomach by artillery fire after the battle and died two days later.

In response, the United Nations UN decided to intervene on behalf of South Korea, inviting member states to send forces to restore the situation. Under diplomatic pressure the British agreed to deploy an infantry brigade in July, and would later dispatch a second brigade as the crisis worsened. Australia was one of the first nations to commit units to the fighting, playing a small but sometimes significant part in the UN forces, which was initially led by General Douglas MacArthur.

During this time the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment 3 RAR , which had been preparing to return to Australia prior to the outbreak of the war, remained in Japan, however on 26 July the Australian government announced that it would also commit the understrength and poorly equipped infantry battalion to the fighting, following a period of preparation.

An officer with extensive operational experience fighting the Japanese in New Guinea during the Second World War , Green took over from Walsh due to the latter's perceived inexperience. Under strength, the two British battalions had each mustered just men of all ranks, while the brigade was also short on transport and heavy equipment, and had no integral artillery support, for which it would rely entirely on the Americans until the 16th Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery arrived in January As such, with a strength of nearly 1, men, the addition of 3 RAR gave the brigade increased tactical weight as well as expediently allowing the Australians to work within a familiar organisational environment, rather than being attached to a US formation.

By the time 3 RAR arrived in the theatre, the KPA had been broken and were in rapid retreat, with MacArthur's forces conducting a successful amphibious assault at Inchon and breakout from the Pusan Perimeter on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. Although the KPA had suffered heavily in the preceding weeks, they continued to resist strongly, while a lack of accurate maps and the narrowness of the roads made rapid movement difficult for the advancing UN forces. During this time 3 RAR had a platoon of American M4 Sherman tanks attached and a battery of field guns in direct support.

On 24 October, MacArthur had removed all restrictions on the movement of his forces south of the Yalu River and prepared for the final phase of the UN advance, defying a directive of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and risking Chinese intervention in support of North Korea. On the afternoon of 25 October a platoon from 3 RAR was fired on by two companies of KPA as they crossed the Taeryong River to conduct a reconnaissance of the west bank, and although they were subsequently forced to withdraw, the Australians took 10 prisoners with them.

Sixty KPA supported by a T tank then attacked the forward Australian companies at Kujin early the following morning, resulting in Australian losses of eight killed and 22 wounded. However, the KPA suffered heavy casualties including over killed and captured, and the Australians subsequently succeeded in defending the bridgehead after the KPA withdrew. Although the KPA had suffered heavy casualties during the previous fighting on the Taeryong River, Coad was now forced to adopt more cautious tactics, advancing in shorter bounds and clearing high points en route.

At a United States Air Force USAF LT-6G Mosquito light spotter aircraft reported a large KPA formation consisting of a battalion-sized force of — infantry supported by several tanks and at least two self-propelled guns, positioned on a thickly wooded ridgeline around Chongju. By the pilots claimed to have destroyed seven T tanks and two SU self-propelled guns, as well as causing many casualties among the KPA forces. One tank platoon led the attack followed by the other carrying infantry from 10 Platoon D Company. Under the command of Lieutenant David Mannett, 10 Platoon made a right flanking assault along the road, while 11 and 12 Platoons attacked the ridge frontally across the paddy fields.

However, with the American tanks providing vital close support to the infantry, 10 Platoon successfully secured its objective, allowing it to take the KPA in enfilade and to provide fire support to the assault. Thus, despite strong opposition, the remainder of D Company gained the high ground by A Company attacked the ridgeline to the north of the road to Chonju just prior to dusk, this time without the support of the Sherman tanks.

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After conducting a limited resupply of the forward companies, the Australians hastily began to dig in. The KPA subsequently brought up substantial reinforcements, and soon after dark they moved against D Company on the southern flank.

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Mannett was later awarded the Military Cross for his leadership during the initial assault and the subsequent defence of the ridgeline. The following morning the Australians remained in position, and at daybreak they found more than KPA dead within the 3 RAR defensive position. During the advance the Australians had clashed with a number of KPA stragglers, killing 12 and capturing 10 in skirmishes. It became clear that organised resistance had ceased however, with the successful Australian assault and the subsequent defence of its objectives the day before breaking the KPA locally.

Meanwhile, aerial reconnaissance reported the presence of KPA tanks to the west of Chongju. Five of the shells landed on the forward slope, while the sixth cleared the crest and detonated to the rear of the C Company position after hitting a tree.

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A popular and respected commanding officer, Green's loss was keenly felt by the Australians. The fighting around Chongju was the heaviest undertaken by the Australians since entering the war. The battalion second-in-command, Major Bruce Ferguson , subsequently assumed command.

1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Korean War. For further information, see also: Korean War template. See O'Neill , p. See Barter , pp.

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Australian War Memorial. Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 18 August The London Gazette Supplement.

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Book Format: Choose an option. Add to Cart. Product Highlights Updated with maps, photographs, and battlefield diagrams for a special 50th anniversary edition of the classic history. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Partly drawn from official records, operations journals, and histories, it is based largely on the compelling personal narratives of the small-unit commanders and their troops.

Unlike any other work on the Korean War, it provides both a clear panoramic overview and a sharply drawn "you were there" account of American troops in fierce combat against the North Korean and Chinese communist invaders. As Americans and North Koreans continue to face each other across the 38th Parallel, This Kind of War commemorates the past and offers vital lessons for the future.

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